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Satsuma Tsuge lightning figured Carved pieces
[By Shogetsu, Kinki, 3 Kings]


 Price : 190,000 JPY

 Product ID:A157

 The most popular typeface in our shop is Minase, but the 3 major typefaces are selling well. This time, we ordered Shogetsu, who is famous for bold Shokko, to make fine type Kinki. Please see the reliable craftsmanship regardless of the typeface.

Satsuma Tsuge lightning figured Filled pieces
[By Hakusui, Minase, 3 Kings]


 Price : 220,000 JPY

 Product ID:A156

 It is a very popular Hakusui's Minase. This time, 3 sets were completed with fine material. It's made of gorgeous lightning figured Satsuma tsuge. The typeface is bold Minase of Eisui style that is very popular with everyone.

Mikura Tsuge tiger striped Filled pieces
[By Hakusui, Minase, 3 Kings]


 Price : 200,000 JPY

 Product ID:A155

 Glittering tiger striped material of Mikura tsuge. The pattern becomes clearer and as you use it. The typeface is Minase, which is currently the best-selling typeface. Hakusui's work is also wonderful.

Mikura Tsuge variegated straight grained Filled pieces
[By Hakusui, Minase, 3 Kings]


 Price : 180,000 JPY

 Product ID:A154

 Popular 3 Kings in our shop. A variegated white boxwood with Minase of Eisui style. It is an elegant filled pieces.

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