If you are looking for a Go board / Go stone / Shogi board / Shogi piece, go to the Maruhachi Gobanten.

Go stones

 Traditionally, Go stones are made by carving clam shells for white and Nachi black stones from Kumano. Snow label has finer stripes of shells than practical stones. The products we are introducing here are made from Mexican clams. Please contact us for domestic Hyuga Suwabute shellfish products.

Go stones                                                      
Size Thickness Snow label Practical
No.3810.7mm140,000 JPY41,000 JPY
No.3710.4mm120,000 JPY40,000 JPY
No.3610.1mm112,000 JPY39,000 JPY
No.359.8mm105,000 JPY38,000 JPY
No.349.5mm86,000 JPY37,000 JPY
No.339.2mm64,000 JPY34,000 JPY
No.328.8mm47,000 JPY30,000 JPY
No.318.4mm37,000 JPY26,000 JPY
No.308.0mm30,000 JPY22,000 JPY

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