If you are looking for a Go board / Go stone / Shogi board / Shogi piece, go to the Maruhachi Gobanten.


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 Our specialty handmade Go boards and Shogi boards are made of materials that have been dried for many years, so there are no problems such as mold, cracks, or stains. You can buy with confidence.
 In addition to the board, the shopkeeper is focusing on shogi pieces. We purchase a lot of wood such as Mikura boxwood and Satsuma boxwood as piece materials, so we are confident in the consistence of the wood.
 You can see the luxury gems and works of the Maruhachi Gobanten at the shop in Tokyo.
 We look forward to welcoming you to our shop.

Maruhachi Gobanten Tokujiro Kito

 Pieces used in the 1st Seirei Title 1st game(2019/09/08)
 Introducing the pieces used in the 1st Seirei Title, newly established Shogi tournament.

 The borard signed by Honorary Honinbo Kaku Takagawa(2016/02/01)
 Introducing the 7th Honinbo Title use Board in 1952.

 The board used for the 1st game of the 26th Ryuo Title(2013/10/19)
 The board produced by our shop was used for the 26th Ryuo Title.

 Notice of Maruhachi Ginza shop closing(2011/03/01)
 Honkomagome shop will continue to operate. We look forward to your continued patronage.

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New Shogi pieces
1 work by Hachisuka has been added.
New Shogi pieces
3 works by Doshin and Homei have been added.
New Shogi pieces
4 works by Kakuho, Hakusui and Shogetsu have been added.
New Shogi pieces
2 works by Doshin and Seiho have been added.
New Shogi pieces
3 new works of Tosui, Kunizo and Morihiro have been added.
New Shogi pieces
5 works by Shogetsu, Kakuho, Hakusui, and Ryoson have been added.
Shogi Board
The product list has been updated.
New Shogi pieces
2 works by Hachisuka and Tosui have been added.
New Shogi pieces
5 works by Eisui Miyamatsu, Kunizo, Homei, and Ryoson have been added.
New Shogi pieces
3 works by Shogetsu and Hakusui have been added.

Traditional craftsmanship for you

Go board,Shogi board,Maruhachi Gobanten

 Tokukichi Kito, my father who spent 70 years in his life making traditional Go boards. He passed away in 1993 but there are many masterpieces of his last works.
 The breath of life the moment you pick it up, the cool sound when you put it on the board, and the traditional techniques that have been handed down in Japan for hundreds of years will lead all users to a famous game that surpasses victory and defeat.

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