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 The price does not include shipping fee. All of our luxury Shogi pieces come with a paulownia flat box, a pieces box, and a Tatsumura silk pieces bag as accessories.
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Satsuma Tsuge lightning figured Carved pieces
[By Hachisuka, Kinki, 3 kings]

 Price:240,000 JPY
 Product ID:A153
 It is a gorgeous boxwood with conspicuous shades of high-quality materials prepared by myself. Hachisuka has been researching Eisui's works, and all the characters and typefaces of "Kinki" inscription, are excellent. Hachisuka does not compromise on the balance of the characters even 0.1 mm, and his obsession with work is tremendous. It's a luxury carved pieces.
Mikura Tsuge root grained Filled pieces
[By Doshin, Meijin-Ohyama, 3 kings]

 Price:180,000 JPY
 Product ID:D321
 Meijin-Ohyama is the original typeface of the late Mr. Gassan, so I give him the remaining materials of Gassan to make it. Meijin-Ohyama is unique and has a simple kindness, and it gives you peace of mind just by looking at it.
Mikura Tsuge fine straight grained Carved pieces
[By Homei, Gyoryu-One character, 3 kings]

 Price:140,000 JPY
 Product ID:A152
 Recently, I have ordered Homei to make one-character pieces. 2 sets of popular one-character as seen on NHK and Gyoryu-one-character have been completed.
 It seems that one-character carving is inevitably bold and super deep, and it takes time and effort. There used to be a lot of one-character typefaces, but these 2 typefaces are especially popular these days.
Mikura Tsuge straight grained Carved pieces
[By Homei, One character, 3 kings]

 Price:140,000 JPY
 Product ID:A151
 Gyoryu is a typeface by Gyoryu Uemura, a modern calligrapher, and is wonderful with a lively feeling. Both of these 2 sets were pieces cut out from single log. We are confident in the harmony of each piece, as we take the time to choose all pieces from kings to pawns.
 Customers have also praised Maruhachi's woodwork is perfect so they can buy it with confidence.
Satsuma Tsuge lightning figured Heaped pieces
[By Kakuho, Minase, 3 kings]

 Price:380,000 JPY
 Product ID:A150
  Kakuho's Heaped pieces is a very popular. As expected, the result is greater than expected. Not only his work of excellence, but also the details such as polishing can not be complained. It has the fine type Minase on bright color wood, and an elegant work. It is a high-class wood of peacock figure, and the patterns of the back sides are also in perfect harmony, which is unique to our shop.
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