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Doshin's Works 1/2

 The price does not include shipping fee. All of our luxury Shogi pieces come with a paulownia flat box, a pieces box, and a Tatsumura silk pieces bag as accessories.
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Mikura Tsuge root straight grained Filled pieces
[By Doshin, Maki-Ryoko]

 Price:160,000 JPY
 Product ID:D315
 It is pieces cut out from near boxwood's root. The harmony of the wood patterns is not good enough, but it is perfectly completed Ryoko invested a lot of time. It's a very good deal as Doshin's work.
Mikura Tsuge straight grained Filled pieces
[By Doshin, Shoryusai, 3 Kings]

 Price:180,000 JPY
 Product ID:D317
 Doshin's Ryoko and Kinki are very popular because of his technique of a superior craftsperson. I thought it would be rude to order only them, so I asked him for my favorite normal typeface, Shoryusai. This typeface is a popular typeface that is also favored by professional shogi players, and this Shoryu copied the typeface of Gaho Hirata, who passed away last year.
Satsuma Tsuge peacock figured Heaped pieces
[By Doshin, Kinki, 3 Kings]

 Price:380,000 JPY
 Product ID:D319
 Gorgeous peacock figured wood is used. As you use it, it gradually changes to a wonderful amber color. The typeface is gentle and easy to read Kinki. I asked him to make it a little bold because I prefer that. Noble and elegant brushwork is unique to Doshin. It's impeccable work. "Copied Eisui" on the bottom side of one of kings.
Mikura Tsuge tiger striped Heaped pieces
[By Doshin, Ryoko, 3 Kings]

 Price:380,000 JPY
 Product ID:D318
 It is a new work of Doshin that arrived in June. It is Eisui style's Ryoko and one of the 3 kings has the word "copied Eisui". It's a polite work that took time, and the wood provided by our shop is also fantastic tiger striped. This is a work that I definitely want you to see.
Mikura Tsuge tiger striped Heaped pieces
[By Doshin, Kinki]

 Price:380,000 JPY
 Product ID:D316
 Doshin is good at powerful large and bold typeface, and any typeface is wonderful, but at our shop, we mainly ask for top selling Ryoko and Kinki. The other day, I am glad that a professional shogi player also bought it and it became popular. This time, I asked to use glittering tiger striped Mikura boxwood.
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