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Traditional craftsmanship for you

Shaving wood

 We have an idea that tools are valuable only when they are used. So crafts such as Go and Shogi board are used in daily life, but they are still loved as first-class works of art.

 Tokukichi Kito, my father who spent 70 years in his life making traditional Go boards. He passed away in 1993 but there are many masterpieces of his last works.

 The breath of life the moment you pick it up, the cool sound when you put it on the board, and the traditional techniques that have been handed down in Japan for hundreds of years will lead all users to a game that surpasses victory and defeat.

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Making boards

Tokukichi Kito

What we are particularly struggling to make a good board.

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Board material

Logging Hyuga Kaya

About Kaya, which has been loved as the best board material.

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Cut of wood

Examples of wood cutting

We will explain the basic cuts of wood and how to choose a board.

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Old masters

Noriyuki Nakayama 7th Dan

Introducing Go board masters who have been handed down over time.

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