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Eisui's pieces

 Our Shogi pieces have various tastes such as wood, artists, and typefaces, and we have received special compliments from professional shogi players and other connoisseurs who are familiar with pieces. In the first place, the owner myself am like a collector who is obsessed with Shogi pieces, so I have a special feeling for Shogi pieces.

 It is said that the value of pieces is determined by the wood to some extent, so at our shop, we take special care so that all the pieces are in harmony. We make an effort to purchase a lot of Mikura Tsuge (boxwood) and Satsuma Tsuge every year.

 The works are all gems that I was particular about. We are introducing a lot of new works that will make you feel at ease, those with uniqueness and those making the most of attractiveness of materials.

 Even shogi pieces are treasures that you will use for the rest of your life. I'm sure you will come to our shop and take a closer look before you buy.

Shogi Board

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 We also have a large selection of gems made from the finest Kaya. The pattern on the board is completely different depending on wood trimming, and the beautiful grain is exceptional.

 Please take a look at the beauty of expression of boards made of Kaya wood that is over 400 years old.

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