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 We only sell boards made of Japanese Kaya. Customers who purchase a Go board with legs will be provided with a quality guarantee, a paulownia cover and a cloth cover as accessories.

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Hyuga Kaya Go Board
[16.2 thick, Tenchi-masa]

 Board master : Mokichi Uchiyama

 Product ID:GA120

 Measurement:45.2 x 42.4,

 total height 29.0, thick 16.2

 It is a work of Mokichi Uchiyama, Go board master of the Taisho era. Made in 1917.

 The board has the highly-prized Tenchi-masa grain. Straight grain going across from the top to bottom on the ends. Tenchi-masa is the preferred grain pattern of Go equipment connoisseurs.

 This was used in Honinbo Title, and signed by the honorary Honinbo Kaku Takagawa on the back.

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Hyuga Kaya Go Board
[15cm thick, Shiho-masa]

 Board master : Atsuo Kito

 Price : 3,000,000 JPY

 Product ID:GA103

 Among boards of Hyuga Kaya, it is a special quality Go board with a reddish color. Recently, trees in national forests with such deep color have become rare.

Hyuga Kaya Go Board
[16.8cm thick, Ten-masa]

 Board master : Tokukichi Kito

 Price : 2,000,000 JPY

 Product ID:GA102

 It is an old tree over 800 years old that is rarely seen even in Hyuga Kaya. Ten-masa means straight grain going across the top, so its pattern on the top is often more beautiful than Tenchi-masa. The special board that has never been seen before.

Hyuga Kaya Go Board
[20.0cm thick, Ki-ura]

 Price : 1,100,000 JPY

 Product ID:GA106

 Despite a flat grained board, it was made of wood that was hundreds of years old. It is a high-class material from Hyuga.

Hyuga Kaya Go Board
[14.5cm thick, Ki-ura]

 Price : 500,000 JPY

 Product ID:GA110

 * Chinese kaya is not sold at our shop.

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