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 Introducing New shogi pieces. At our shop, we take special care so that all the pieces are in harmony, and all the works are gems that the owner myself was particular about.

 The price does not include shipping fee. All of our luxury Shogi pieces come with a paulownia flat box, a pieces box, and a Tatsumura silk pieces bag as accessories.

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Satsuma Tsuge lightning figured Heaped pieces
[By Tosui, Kiyoyasu, 3 Kings]


 Price : 530,000 JPY

 Product ID:A163

 No matter what typeface we order, Kikusui and Tosui's works are wonderful and undisputed. The typefaces that I especially like these days are Minase, Kiyoyasu and bold Kiyoyasu. Kiyoyasu is a typeface that Seizan was good at, but as expected, Tosui finished this difficlut bold typeface elegantly. It is the heaped pieces made of finest Satsuma material.

Mikura Tsuge root figured Heaped pieces
[By Fugetsu, Kinki]


 Price : 500,000 JPY

 Product ID:A162

 About 25 years ago, Fugetsu and I had been studying how to make pieces that would sell well since he was just starting out on his career, so there is no sense of discomfort in his works, and everything is convincing to me. This Kinki is a perfected set that I like the typeface, the size of the characters, and the wood, and it is impossible to hope for more.

Satsuma Tsuge peacock figured Heaped pieces
[By Fugetsu, Minase]


 Price : 500,000 JPY

 Product ID:A161

 This is Fugetsu's latest work, which was completed in late March. Since heaped pieces are expensive, we ask him to make only the 3 major typefaces that are familiar to everyone. In particular, Minase this time uses the finest wood, and we are confident in the harmony of the wood. 20 porns are also high-class wood that can be used as a king.

Mikura Tsuge tiger striped Heaped pieces
[By Fugetsu, Ryoko]


 Price : 600,000 JPY

 Product ID:A160

 It is a fine pieces made of the finest wood of tiger striped Mikura tsuge, which is hard to see. The typeface of Ryoko is also made according to Fugetsu's taste, referring to Eisui's masterpieces. After all, it's a too wonderful work that we can recommend with confidence.

Mikura Tsuge root tiger striped Heaped pieces
[By Fugetsu, Ryoko]


 Price : 500,000 JPY

 Product ID:A159

 It glows black, and as you can see, it is natural tiger striped material. The age of the wood, the fineness of the grain, the brilliance and the color, are all wonderful and complement the work of the master.

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