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Mikura Tsuge root figured Heaped pieces
[By Fugetsu, Ryoko]


 Price : 550,000 JPY

 Product ID:A158

 It is made by specially selected materials that can only be taken from a single tree. It is a perfectly harmonious pieces with dark root figured wood. It is Ryoko, a copy of Eisui, which is summarized in some small characters.

Mikura Tsuge tiger striped Filled pieces
[By Gassan, Muken]


 Price : 200,000 JPY

 Product ID:G845

 This Muken and Ogishi below are unused pieces made by the late Gassan. Muken is a work 30 years ago, but both are masterpieces made of our shop's finest material. I miss the inscription of Gassan in a very old font.

 Muken is a strange typeface with a clerical script on the front and a seal script on the back. Writings of Chifuyu Watanabe, a politician in the Meiji era. Although it is a thin tiger striped wood, it is shining brightly because it is well preserved.

Mikura Tsuge straight grained Filled pieces
[By Gassan, Ogishi]


 Price : 200,000 JPY

 Product ID:G844

 This Ogishi is a product made about 15 years ago. For Gassan, it is a rather bold type work, and the wood is also an elegant piece that has a clear grain and can be said to be red straight grain. Ogishi is a Chinese calligrapher who firmly established the artistry of calligraphy and was called the "saint of calligraphy".

 * Sold out

Satsuma Tsuge peacock figured Heaped pieces
[By Ryoson, Kinki, 3 Kings]


 Price : 600,000 JPY

 Product ID:K413

 Ryoson's Kinki, the bold writing of the brush, I think it was perfect for the finest peacock figure. Ryoson said that it is one of the best works because the time is good in early spring. It is a gorgeous pieces that can't be better than this. One of 3 kings has "Kinki", one has Ryoson's Kao (written seal mark) and the other has his signature of 78 years old.

 * Sold out

Mikura Tsuge tiger striped Filled pieces
[By Doshin, Meijin-Oyama, 3 Kings]


 Price : 190,000 JPY

 Product ID:D322

 Using deep reddish material unique to Mikura tsuge, elegant tiger striped pieces. If anything, it is a unique typeface that used the 15th Oyama Meijin's writings as a model. This typeface was jointly devised by Kagetsu and Oyama Meijin, and I have received permission to make it with the original typeface while they were alive. The reproducibility of Doshin is also wonderful, and it is a playful and fun work reminiscent of Gassan in his heyday.

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